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Most reblogged ever

For some reason this quotation strikes a nerve with people. This is my most reblogged post ever on Tumblr, and the reblogging comes in waves. I posted it months ago, and every once and a while it goes through a … Continue reading

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O is for Othering

Originally posted on An A-Z of ELT:
‘Othering’ is the way members of one social group distance themselves from, or assert themselves over, another by construing the latter as being fundamentally different (the ‘Other’).  It is a term that is…

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Brené Brown: wishing you love and light – Ordinary Courage

Nothing has been a greater gift to me than the three lessons I learned about joy and light from people I’ve interviewed who have spent time in sorrow and darkness. Even before Sandy Hook I was reflecting on these learnings as a way to stay centered during the holidays. Continue reading

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Beannacht a Samhain!

Between a friend’s fortuitous posting of a quotation from John O’Donohue, and my congregation’s observance of Samhain this past Sunday, I’m very much feeling that old Celtic soul today. The old Celts believed that on this cross-quarter day, the veil … Continue reading

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I always wanted to use that portmanteau, or “mashup” of “administrative” and “trivia” that used to grace the About pages of old listservs. I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know that I’ve cleaned up the navigational … Continue reading

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Tumbling toward Mabon

It’s another beautiful late summer day, and I am emerging from a weekend spent with Bill Mahony, author of Exquisite Love, and my teacher Sara Davidson Flanders, at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI, reflecting on the Nārada Bhakti Sūtras in … Continue reading

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Journaling Redux

Shiny things! I was so wrapped up in my excitement over new technology (see “Journaling and Friction,” 8/27/12) that I forgot to mention the two most important things about journaling. Today on Facebook I came across the following blog post … Continue reading

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Journaling and Friction

Source: readwriteweb.com via Richard on Pinterest All the cool kids “journal.” It seems like such a bohemian or “hipster” thing to do. I remember being really impressed with Samuel Pepys in high school, when at age 14 I started keeping … Continue reading

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A Place of Profound Individuality

The full moon of earlier this week has come and gone, and tonight the astronomical calendar to which I subscribe tells me it’s a “Disseminating Moon (75%).” Still, it has been quite rainy and cloudy here, so I have been … Continue reading

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I have written about my first yoga teacher in the post “A Splendid Awakening,” the post about my decision to learn how to teach yoga. She was a big fan of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” which was popular back when I … Continue reading

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