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Apple Approves ‘FlexBright’ iOS App That Adjusts Display Temperature [Update: Pulled] – Mac Rumors

FlexBright, an app that allows the user to manually adjust the display temperature of an iOS device, was recently approved by Apple, marking one of the first third-party apps that’s able to function in a manner similar to the company’s own Night Shift mode, set to be released in iOS 9.3. Continue reading

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Our precious mother

Chris Wallis, author of Tantra Illuminated, posted a video of “Machi” by Peia on his Facebook feed. He highly recommended taking a few deep breaths, and watching this fullscreen. Continue reading

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On the way into the University I spied some daffodils by the side of the road. Continue reading

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Timing of meals may be key to weight loss | Health – WCVB Home

Our results indicate that late eaters displayed a slower weight-loss rate and lost significantly less weight than early eaters, suggesting that the timing of large meals could be an important factor in a weight loss program. Frank Scheer, PhD, MSc, … Continue reading

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Glory of the Day

In any language, on any kind of day, give your wholehearted devotion to the divine. Continue reading

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Presence in the Wild

“This show doesn’t make sense of the tragedy in Connecticut; nothing can. But, Kate Braestrup offers a framing for how to think about love and tragedy, how we live forward. If you’re looking for something to listen to with your loved ones, listen to this show.” Continue reading

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Simplicity and Contentment

On Saturday, I began yoga teacher training with Sara Davidson Flanders at The Heart Spot in Johnston, RI. Incidentally, it’s a brand spanking new studio I kept wanting to call “the Sweet Spot.” This was the culmination of a very full … Continue reading

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Yoga-Inspired Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Looking to freshen your desktop wallpaper? Consider the following yoga–inspired entries from YogaDudes, above, as described below, or the one from Gaiam which follows. The Gaiam calendar comes in different sizes, including those appropriate for mobile devices. Impress your friends! … Continue reading

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Morning Yearning

Ben Harper’s gentle evocation of the beginning of our daily routine seems very resonant on this the last day of summer. On this chilly morning I am reminded of the Rilke poem I discovered on Olga Rassmusen’s blog last year, … Continue reading

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Tumbling toward Mabon

It’s another beautiful late summer day, and I am emerging from a weekend spent with Bill Mahony, author of Exquisite Love, and my teacher Sara Davidson Flanders, at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI, reflecting on the Nārada Bhakti Sūtras in … Continue reading

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