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Yoga-Inspired Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Looking to freshen your desktop wallpaper? Consider the following yoga–inspired entries from YogaDudes, above, as described below, or the one from Gaiam which follows. The Gaiam calendar comes in different sizes, including those appropriate for mobile devices. Impress your friends! … Continue reading

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I have written about my first yoga teacher in the post “A Splendid Awakening,” the post about my decision to learn how to teach yoga. She was a big fan of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” which was popular back when I … Continue reading

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Wholehearted Devotion

"Praise Song for a New Day" by Suzzy & Maggie Roach on Zero Church is my inspiration for this morning. http://t.co/5KeS7nyY #iTunes — Richard Hudak (@drwh0) February 18, 2012 If man [sic] cannot pray he is gagged; if he cannot … Continue reading

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“Circling for the Solstice” by John Friend

Much gratitude to my teacher, who shared this on Facebook. I think we are both wishing we were there in Stratton. We are there in spirit. Bright Solstice, everyone! This year, we are gathering for the Summer Solstice at the … Continue reading

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Meeting the Lorax (an Arbor Day post)

Today is Arbor Day, and therefore the impetus for finally writing this post I had planned. About ten days ago, I took a walk with my daughter and met a person I will come to think of as the Lorax, … Continue reading

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Today’s inspiration comes from U2, and your breath, that “ultimate bodyworker,” “the keeper of time,” our constant companion. Whether or not meditation or yoga makes us aware of it, it is always available to us. But meditation or yoga practice … Continue reading

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Men who cleanse | Yogahealer

Most of my tribe fits the typical yoga demographic of healthy white women between 30-60. Yet, when I decided to profile men who cleanse, they came out of the woodwork in droves. Without further ado on the why, what, how … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week: Joanna Macy (via The Jizo Chronicles)

The work of Joanna Macy has flitted in and out of my consciousness many times over the years. I first encountered her in 1982, when she penned a series of guided meditations for Fellowship, the magazine of the ecumenical pacifist … Continue reading

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Small Things

It has been another week for springtime theming in Anusara yoga classes, and Anusara teachers pay special attention to class themes. Of course, the courageous crocus is a perennial favorite (no pun intended) because it is so apparently fragile, and … Continue reading

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