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A Love that Transcends Trump | On Being

If you read one thing today, please consider Omid Safi’s blog post at On Being. [T]he spiritual must not be confined to the inward, but wash over, cleanse, and redeem the individual, the communal, and the institutional. via A Love that … Continue reading

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Yoga philosophy, race, and ‘colorblindness’ — Tantrik Studies

Chris Wallis (Hareesh) provides an insightful and challenging reflection on yoga philosophy and the Black Lives Matter movement that is worth a full read. But here for me is an especially powerful core to his reflection. [B]efore I try to … Continue reading

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Penchant for Practice Poster

This third edition of Darren Rhodes’s yoga poster replaces the From Tadasana to Savasana poster. It features 350 poses divided into 6 categories: Standing; Forward Folds, Seated Poses, & Twists; Backbends; Arm Balances; Inversions; and Supine Poses. Clean, beautiful photographs and Sanskrit pose names for over 350 poses make this an excellent resource for yoga practitioners of all levels! Continue reading

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The Yogi Doth Protest Too Much

I feel like I have just walked past the girls’ locker room when some conversation spilled out. Of course, this occurs over 30 years too late for me, because I went to an all boys’ high school. But it would take yoga to flush out an awareness of this dynamic I had not had before. Continue reading

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The Man Behind the Maneuver – Radiolab

RadioLab reports, “Until the 1970s, thousands of people choked to death — leading to more accidental deaths than guns. But since then, thousands and thousands — maybe even millions — have been rescued by the Heimlich maneuver. Yet the story of the man who invented it may not have such a happy ending.” I think John Friend’s is a similar story. Continue reading

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Yoga Buzz: Yoga Sequences Can’t Be Copyrighted

Bikram Choudhury can no longer claim to hold a copyright to the popular 26-pose sequence thanks to a federal court ruling, putting an end to an issue that’s been debated in the yoga community for decades. Continue reading

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Can You Patent Yoga Pants? : Planet Money : NPR

Athletic clothing manufacturer Lululemon is in the news again, this time on NPR’s Planet Money, which asks “Can You Patent Yoga Pants?” A lawsuit over $98 yoga pants feels sort of ridiculous its face. But the case is actually a … Continue reading

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Christina Sell: Boundaries, Mistakes and Insights

Christina Sell was one of the first Anusara teachers to resign, in October of 2011, before the main controversy began. She’s just offered a really lengthy blog post, to which many have responded, puzzling over boundaries in the role of the … Continue reading

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A Place of Profound Individuality

The full moon of earlier this week has come and gone, and tonight the astronomical calendar to which I subscribe tells me it’s a “Disseminating Moon (75%).” Still, it has been quite rainy and cloudy here, so I have been … Continue reading

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At the bottom of my previous post, I mention the Kula Evolution’s most recent statement about a proposed dinner between John Friend and Roger Pressman. I think this speaks less to Pressman’s admitted “error in judgement” or the capacity of … Continue reading

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