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Gratitude for health

Today I filled out some paperwork for my left rotator cuff repair surgery upcoming next week. Answering “no” to a long list of medical conditions and medications, I feel really grateful for clean living. This is the result of thirty years of eating well, nine years of yoga, and about five years of a renewed understanding of healthy eating and other daily practices. A mindful life that is truly thoroughgoing has its rewards. Continue reading

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I’m halfway through the first summer session at the university. I’m five weeks post-op. My passive range of motion is increasing beyond 90° in the overhead plane. We pay so much attention to the things that occurred dramatically, all at … Continue reading

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Beannacht a Samhain!

On this Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is thin, and we reap the rich harvest of memory, I wish you blessings in the form of a poem I had written for a frie Continue reading

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The Growing Dark

The moon was new at 3:42 am here, adding to the darkness of these days that shorten with the approach to the Solstice, just over a week away. A yoga friend posts bravely to Facebook, imagining the possibility of her … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to my gratitude practice…

Think, and think again. During the second immersion, while we were discussing the effects of yoga on our everyday lives, I said something flippant like, “I feel grateful all the time, I hardly need a gratitude practice.” I regret that … Continue reading

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A Place of Profound Individuality

The full moon of earlier this week has come and gone, and tonight the astronomical calendar to which I subscribe tells me it’s a “Disseminating Moon (75%).” Still, it has been quite rainy and cloudy here, so I have been … Continue reading

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Breaking: Anusara to become A Teacher Driven Organization

John Friend has sent a new letter to licensed Anusara teachers, and it’s available over at Bay Shakti. I deeply feel your pain and confusion since it is also my pain during this time. My highest wish is to live … Continue reading

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Morning Walk Haiku

This morning, as I was on my somewhat soggy constitutional, as has been my habit during this spring cleanse, I spied a very tall cherry tree (desperately in need of some pruning). Into my head sprang some phrases I shaped massaged … Continue reading

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The Twelfth Post – Existential Courage

This is the twelfth post of The Considered Kula and the one in which I take the blog live. It’s high time. To many of you this will appear as the first post, but for that look here, “Open to … Continue reading

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Help! – Radiolab

New episode on brokering deals with yourself–when one part of you wants to change, and another part won't budge: http://ow.ly/4au8L — Radiolab (@Radiolab) March 9, 2011   [audio http://audio.wnyc.org/radiolab/radiolab030811.mp3] I enjoyed listening to this podcast today. I was surprised to encounter … Continue reading

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