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Midsummer Blessings

Today is the Summer Solstice, the stillpoint of summer, the longest day in the Wheel of the Year. A few years ago I wrote a stanza of this poem, and I have since “finished” it, by adding a stanza that was missing. Please enjoy this time to pause, but also celebrate abundance with abandon. Continue reading

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Beannacht a Samhain!

On this Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is thin, and we reap the rich harvest of memory, I wish you blessings in the form of a poem I had written for a frie Continue reading

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Beannacht a Samhain!

Between a friend’s fortuitous posting of a quotation from John O’Donohue, and my congregation’s observance of Samhain this past Sunday, I’m very much feeling that old Celtic soul today. The old Celts believed that on this cross-quarter day, the veil … Continue reading

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Tumbling toward Mabon

It’s another beautiful late summer day, and I am emerging from a weekend spent with Bill Mahony, author of Exquisite Love, and my teacher Sara Davidson Flanders, at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI, reflecting on the Nārada Bhakti Sūtras in … Continue reading

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A Place of Profound Individuality

The full moon of earlier this week has come and gone, and tonight the astronomical calendar to which I subscribe tells me it’s a “Disseminating Moon (75%).” Still, it has been quite rainy and cloudy here, so I have been … Continue reading

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Celtic Soul Part IV, “A Pelagian Optimism”

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and therefore high time to finish this post, which I edited last on June 20, 2011, around the time I wrote the other parts of the “Celtic Soul” musings. Particularly after having finished the second of … Continue reading

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Anusara at the Threshold

I have written before about the beauty of the words of John O’Donohue and his non-dual view that emanates from Celtic Christianity. This episode of On Being was rebroadcast right after my first immersion, and as I listened to it again, … Continue reading

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zombies for yoga outreach

Just in time for Halloween, I’m reminded of my yoga teacher who did a Halloween workshop on “poses that thrill and chill you” (inversions, backbends and arm balances), playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during sun salutations. likes Thriller by Michael Jackson … Continue reading

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Another Autumn

Another autumn has arrived, and I have scarcely noticed. I did not note its arrival for my Friday classes and I am remiss. Like Olga Rasmussen, to whom I have turned this morning for inspiration, I have been so caught … Continue reading

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Celtic Soul, Part III, “Roots and Shoots”

Please see the beginning of these musings in Part One, “A Musical Journey,” and Part Two, “A Hardworking Lad.” All of this is a rather meandering, and perhaps Irish way of getting to my main point, which is to discuss … Continue reading

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