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What makes Boston “strong”?

While a marathon may be an experience of individual triumph, our experience of last year’s terror remains collective. From near misses to eyewitnesses, our lesson should be how well connected we are. We count among our friends the fallen and heroes, and those left puzzling how their schoolmate “Zack” could have gone so wrong. Despite subsequent efforts of some to appropriate “Boston Strong” as a mere brand, it is both through our celebration of individual striving and shared determination that we remain strong this year. Continue reading

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Grateful to Help

I’m grateful to be in a position to offer students the resources of my discipline, and my resources as a yogi to bring balance in thought and emotion to yesterday’s tragic events. Continue reading

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Finding Balance

Social work researcher Brené Brown tweets, “Information reduces anxiety but media saturation increases trauma and fear. Helping can heal.” Continue reading

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I end this day with two thoughts about the bombings at today’s Boston Marathon. We are incredibly fragile. It is a perfect time for our yoga, on and off the mat. Continue reading

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I have a cold today. I know what you may be thinking: “Is that a topic really worthy of a blog post?” I think it is, for two reasons. The first is that it is really unusual for me to have a cold. The second is that I believe I know how to cope with it. Continue reading

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