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Beannacht a Samhain!

On this Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is thin, and we reap the rich harvest of memory, I wish you blessings in the form of a poem I had written for a frie Continue reading

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Online Fall Cleanse and Detox | Charlotte Clews, Yoga and Ayurveda in Maine and Beyond

Originally posted on Wholehearted Yoga:
Since Fall 2010, to better support my yoga practice, I have been doing fall and spring cleanses with the same practitioner. This year, at the prompting of an adventurous yoga friend, I decided to work…

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The Growing Dark

The moon was new at 3:42 am here, adding to the darkness of these days that shorten with the approach to the Solstice, just over a week away. A yoga friend posts bravely to Facebook, imagining the possibility of her … Continue reading

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Beannacht a Samhain!

Between a friend’s fortuitous posting of a quotation from John O’Donohue, and my congregation’s observance of Samhain this past Sunday, I’m very much feeling that old Celtic soul today. The old Celts believed that on this cross-quarter day, the veil … Continue reading

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Yoga-Inspired Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Looking to freshen your desktop wallpaper? Consider the following yoga–inspired entries from YogaDudes, above, as described below, or the one from Gaiam which follows. The Gaiam calendar comes in different sizes, including those appropriate for mobile devices. Impress your friends! … Continue reading

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Morning Yearning

Ben Harper’s gentle evocation of the beginning of our daily routine seems very resonant on this the last day of summer. On this chilly morning I am reminded of the Rilke poem I discovered on Olga Rassmusen’s blog last year, … Continue reading

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Tumbling toward Mabon

It’s another beautiful late summer day, and I am emerging from a weekend spent with Bill Mahony, author of Exquisite Love, and my teacher Sara Davidson Flanders, at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI, reflecting on the Nārada Bhakti Sūtras in … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

For several reasons I like to hear about the Iroquois. Chiefly, I think it is because I grew up in New York State, and in elementary school, learned all about their way of life. I spent teenage summers close to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve

Even before I spoke frequently of “mindfulness” in that particular way, there was this song by Bob Franke, planting seeds with its beauty. It’s so easy to dream of the days gone by Its a hard thing to think of … Continue reading

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All Shakti Up in the Anusara™ Yoga Kula

Last Friday (10/28) I learned of the departure of Christina Sell and Darren Rhodes from the Anusara™ community, and on Monday, I learned of Elena Brower’s exit. One of my Anusara-inspired teachers had just been talking about a recent book by … Continue reading

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