“Kula” is a Sanskrit word meaning “family” or “intentional community,” that has taken on the meaning of “community” within Anusara Yoga™, which I practice. It seems to be a distinctive characteristic of the style, evoking its emphasis on “heart opening.”

The project of this blog, the sense in which kula is “considered,” is that in addition to being an eager student of this style of yoga, I am by training a sociologist. I hope to write creatively about the tension of these apparent opposites, which are both a part of who I am.

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  1. I love this. I’m really a psychologist by training. A behavioural psychologist. … But I also love Eastern philosophy. It really does seem opposite, but it’s not. To be logical and to be emotional are not opposite. To seek to understand human behaviour and to seek to inspire people to be more are not opposite. They’ve just had a hard time co-existing. Thank you for being part of what I believe to be an evolutionary shift. As we evolve, things that were separate become one. Spirituality and science can, most definitely, co-exist. ❤

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