Light on Yoga: Cracking the Code – christina sell

It was nearly a year ago that I took a workshop with Christina Sell at Lila East End Yoga in Portland, ME. I loved that so much that I signed up for the Winter Session “Asana Junkies” Webinar in January, before it was cut short by my shoulder injury. So I am excited to have just signed up for her webinar “Light on Yoga: Cracking the Code.”

Light on Yoga, by BKS Iyengar, is often touted as a definitive resource for yoga teachers and practitioners and is  even hailed as The Bible of Modern Hatha Yoga.  And yet, this gem of a book is often hard to penetrate, difficult to understand and even more challenging to apply our own practice and  the students we see right in front of us in our classes. The forms seem archaic, the order illogical, the variations outdated and the images are hard-to-relate to for many.  However, all that being said, Christina Sell believes Light on Yoga is one of the most valuable resources we have for practice, sequencing and developing our postural knowledge and insight and she wants to help you Crack the Code! This webinar  is designed to give practical access into Light on Yoga, the book,  as well as to create an ongoing contemplation of what it means to live the Light of Yoga both personally and in community. A perfect way to return to the basics of posture and to the heart of ones love of practice and teaching, this web-based course is designed as a collegial discussion in a collaborative learning environment.

via Light on Yoga: Cracking the Code – christina sell.

We used Light on Yoga as reference in teacher training, but found can be so difficult to use it as a reference. It’s as if asana were a genre of writing, and one had access to the Oxford English Dictionary, but none of the entries were alphabetized.

Moreover, I have had a love–hate relationship with Iyengar instruction. At one time I had found all of the discrete postural instructions too confusing and strict. But I have loved many of the Iyengar instructors and I am more amenable now to the style’s precision. While I had sworn off them, I now readily return to Iyengar classes.

And how can anyone give anything but homage to the master so soon after his leaving this form? So for all these reasons, because I have learned from Christina Sell, because I do acknowledge Light On Yoga to be an invaluable if someone forbidding guide, and because I have a certain sentimental feeling in celebrating Iyengar’s life and contribution that I am excited to engage this experience at this juncture.


About Richard Hudak

I am Senior Adjunct Faculty in Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and I have been a practitioner of Anusara™ yoga. I have completed 200 hours of teacher training within its diaspora community, consistent with its philosophy and alignment principles.
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