Free Yoga in the Park on Monday, July 22

I’ve created a new blog to promote my yoga teaching. I wanted to separate it out somewhat from these musings here, which are a little more focused on yoga philosophy and community, which could be more esoteric.

I am excited to be offering this on Guru Purnima, however and that begs some reflection here.

In particular, I happened to go back through my journal from last year, and came across some notes I had made from Bill Mahony’s Exquisite Loveabout the Guru principle. Consistent with what my teachers had always taught me, even in the heyday of Anusara, I had noted the following:

…[T]he Guru is actually not so much a physical person as a state of awareness—namely the awareness of the Self—in which such a teacher continually dwells. So, too, the Guru is the power of grace that this awareness holds. When there is the continuing, unbroken awareness of the Self, then the Self is also said to reveal Itself within that awareness. This Self–revelatory power—which is the Guru—has the power to awaken, illumine, and transform other peoples’ awareness, too.

Further, the Guru is not only the awareness of the Self; the true Guru is the Self, the Ground of all awareness, just as it is the Source of all love. This being the case, the divine Self is therefore also the true Guru. (59)

Still, just prior to this, Bill Mahony quotes the ninth–century philosopher Śaṅkara, about the special people who come into our lives as spiritual teachers (small ‘g’ gurus).

There are pure souls, peaceful and great,
who bring good to others, like the coming of spring.
They help others without any selfish motivation.
It is the nature of these great ones to work of their own accord
to remove the troubles of others,
like the moon of its own accord
soothes the earth scorched by the blazing rays of the sun. (58)

To honor these special teachers, and the deeper Ground of Love to which they ardently desire we awaken, and to honor all situations across the range of human experience which encourage this awareness, I am happy to teach tomorrow.

Wholehearted Yoga

This spring I was grateful to have taught several Sunday afternoon Community Classes at Sangha Yoga Collective. Last Monday, Sangha moved these community classes outdoors to Boardinghouse Park for free Yoga in the Park.* As you can see from the photo above, my colleague Isla led us in a beautifully cooling and grounding practice. This week, 7/22, I’ll be teaching. The Full Buck Moon (also Thunder Moon) falls on Monday. In India, this Full Moon is celebrated as Guru Purnima, which honors our teachers and mentors. I’m really excited to be honoring my teachers on such an auspicious day, filled with imagery of darkness and light.

via Free Yoga in the Park on Monday, July 22.

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