When I titled this post “Innovation,” I was not thinking of the Kleen Kanteen per se. This is not an advertisement for Kleen Kanteen, though it does suggest a use to which those trendy glass Life Factory bottles cannot be put. (I have one of those, too, but my friend just broke her second.)

This morning before class I was whining to a fellow student about a tight IT band that was making me miserable. She reminded me about rolling it over a foam roller. I don’t have such a thing at home, and this particular studio did not have one. Suddenly I spied my battle scarred Kleen Kanteen, over near my mat. I thought about the heft of it, and the friction offered to it by the rubber mat. I am sure I looked strange to some students, lying on my side and rolling over my water bottle, but oh, the relief!

Do try this therapeutic maneuver at home, but try it on a mat, rather than a carpet, and for stability’s sake, since it has a smaller diameter than a foam roller, make sure it is full of water. It is a lot less forgiving than than a foam roller, so regulate the pressure you place on the outside of the thigh. But in a pinch, before a yoga class, you might really want to take, this method works great! Impress your friends with your self-healing prowess.

I think I thought of this because my friend asked if I had a rolling pin at home, and once on Twitter, yoga icon Kathryn Budig complained of a lack of a rolling pin to roll out a holiday pie, and I suggested using a wine bottle. (For reals, and she thanked me.) I think I got that idea because I am also a Eagle Scout, and that’s just how we are trained to think, innovatively. (Seriously, Eagle Scouts will survive the zombie apocalypse.)

In any case, I want to impress on you that I am more pleased with the outcome of this than any cleverness on my part.

It you have a tight IT band, lack a foam roller, and try this out, let me know how it worked for you. And do not use one of those glass bottles!



About Richard Hudak

I am Senior Adjunct Faculty in Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and I have been a practitioner of Anusara™ yoga. I have completed 200 hours of teacher training within its diaspora community, consistent with its philosophy and alignment principles.
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