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zombies for yoga outreach

Just in time for Halloween, I’m reminded of my yoga teacher who did a Halloween workshop on “poses that thrill and chill you” (inversions, backbends and arm balances), playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during sun salutations. likes Thriller by Michael Jackson … Continue reading

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Another Autumn

Another autumn has arrived, and I have scarcely noticed. I did not note its arrival for my Friday classes and I am remiss. Like Olga Rasmussen, to whom I have turned this morning for inspiration, I have been so caught … Continue reading

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Late Summer, Late Afternoon Haiku

What a gift to go on a walk and to have a haiku begin to form in my head. I was on way to Whole Foods, with my little canvas bag with the shoulder strap slung over my shoulder, when … Continue reading

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Yogi Detox | Anusara Yoga Cleanse with Cate Stillman | Yogi Detox

  ‘Tis once again the season for cleansing, October 9-30 from anywhere (with a phone an an internet connection). See these posts for my experiences with Cate Stillman’s seasonal cleanse, and come join us. Sure you could do something like … Continue reading

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Business : Pleasure :: Oil : Water

You remember those analogies from the SATs. Today I’m trying to squeeze the last out of the conventional (not astronomical) end of summer, but these syllabi won’t write themselves. Sssh! Two of them were due on Friday, but there’s enough … Continue reading

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Another Morning Walk Haiku / Swing Like a Samba

Morning walk brings nigh Fragrance of childhood summer Earth meets heaven here. I think this one is about memory, sense memory at that. I’ve heard that olfactory memory can be pretty powerful. I’ve been particularly impressed with the musings of … Continue reading

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The HeArt and Science of the Body

Upcoming Workshop Series, with Sara Davidson. Introducing a Saturday afternoon Series: Dive into the alignment and actions of specific areas of the body and explore how that knowledge supports an open heart and a dynamic and balanced energy flow. Each … Continue reading

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Happy National Yoga Month!

It’s September 1, and therefore, the beginning of National Yoga Month. I love Michael Franti’s music, and I think he is one of the coolest yogis. Here’s a quote from him to observe National Yoga Month. Yoga is something that … Continue reading

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