The unexpected benefits of cleansing

A funny thing happened to me yesterday morning while I was making a green juice, as part of my participation in a spring cleanse with Cate Stillman. I kid you not.

What a surprise to find in my kale,
Remains of a grasshopper, legs and tail.
I wish I had seen it before I had juiced.
Am I queasy because of the protein boost?

I have been a vegetarian for nearly 30 years, tending more toward vegan the last ten or so. But I have eaten some strange things in my life, like rattlesnake and octopus. Also, as I write this I am grateful that crows are not vegetarians, for they are clearing from the road in front of my driveway what’s left of a bunny that had the misfortune to cross paths with a car (cue “Circle of Life” from Disney’s “Lion King”). Sometimes there is no need to figure out whom to call, because nature takes care of itself.

About Richard Hudak

I'm a college teacher, writer, practitioner of hatha yoga, and an avid cyclist.
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